Tend and Tune your Embodiment


Give your body the movement nutrition it needs feel strong, free of pain, and able to enjoy living life to the fullest!

Take time to tune up your body like you would tune any instrument.

Bring balance to the patterns of modern day life through targeted practices of physical sustainability and resilience.

We are made to move ~ use it or lose it! We evolved through and by movement in relation to the world around us, and no longer does our modern world of conveniences provide enough diversity and quantity of movement to keep us healthy and free of pain into old age. 

Homo Sapiens is the first species to create the environment we engage within. In order to move well as long as possible, we must address the patterns of modern life with direct, specific counterbalancing practices. 

If we move well, we support living well within. The BodyMind is ONE, and our physical resilience is an important ground beneath emotional, mental, and physiological wellnessSo let's start moving with love and intelligent choices that counterbalance the physical patterns of modern life.

Practices of Body Love are potent, powerful medicines for our modern lives. Self-care through the body, of the body, for the BodyMind.

Movement is key to longevity and resilience on all levels. If we look to our elders the link between keeping active and maintaining vitality is undeniable. Variety in movement has added benefit for physical sustainability, mental capacity, and emotional balance for all of us. No matter where we begin, there's something for everyone.

 We no longer need to normalize back pain, neck pain, tight hips, tight shoulders, or any of the ways we feel stagnant or restricted in our day-to-day, or from doing the things we love. 

You've found the right place to cultivate both freedom and balanced strength for the precious physical parts of you that create the living architecture of your BodyMind.


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Course curriculum

  • 2

    Yoga & Movement Medicine: Hips & Lower Back

    • Yoga & Movement Medicine: Lower Back 2020

  • 3

    Yoga & Movement Medicine: Neck & Shoulders

    • Yoga & Movement Medicine: Neck & Shoulders 2020

  • 4

    Prana Vinyasa Flow Practices

    • Side Body Opening - 60 min practice

    • Fierce Shoulder Love ~ 60min practice

  • 5

    Whole Body Love

    • Tuning the Body

    • Refresh & Reset Body & Mind

    • Primal Patterns

  • 6

    Ongoing Loving Care

    • Gratitude

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