Move like Nature

We've been shaped by patterns of flow.

We're made to move in pathways of flow.

The invitation of fluidity, to move like our nature, may change your life... if it hasn't already!

Fluid movement brings juice & joy to life, and is a never-ending magic ride of breath, pulse, and the moment-to-moment flow of movement as meditation. 

Fluid movement is a fast track to living in embodied awareness ~ the deep listening, continuous inquiry and feedback, tracking the smallest shifts and changes are all a laboratory for knowing ourselves -and how we adapt to change- inside & out. 

Moving with breath & pulsation, in waves & spirals can be tremendously healing for modern day bodies. Liberating the body from our linear ideas of movement puts us in touch with our spiral anatomy and inherently fluid body. It's one of the most effective ways to transform density into flow ~ just think of the way waves turn rocks into sand.

Once you start feeling the flow move you, sometimes there's no going back to static straight lines! 

This Collection is curated around practices of fluid & spiraling movement intended to unlock & unwind habitual patterns of tension & overuse, while highlighting neuro-myo-fascial (functional bodymind) connections in our living architecture. 

You'll gain inspiration (& if needed, permission;) to explore more creativity in your own yoga or movement practice, and feel really good while doing so.

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Fluid & Spiraling Collection

  • 1

    Headwaters ~ Overview

  • 2

    Prana Vinyasa ~ Jala, Water Element

    • Jala Prana Flow - Aug 2020

  • 3

    Somatic Spirals

    • Somatic Spirals 1

    • Somatic Spirals 2

  • 4

    Movement as Medicine

    • We are Waves

    • Arch Curl Spiral Wave

    • Embody the Flow of Presence

    • Refresh & Reset Body & Mind

    • Soma Love

  • 5

    Flowing Forward

    • Gratitude

    • Reflection

Find your Flow

Dissolve what's stuck. Liberate your fluid body. Surf your spiral anatomy and ride the waves of your breath to embodied flow.

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