Rest, Reset & Resource Yourself

Balance the pace of modern life with slow & restorative practices. Tend your reserves, nourish from the inside-out to meet life at your fullest.

Make the time to nourish your deepest reserves.

It is only by filling ourselves up that we are able to serve the world.

Slow down. Rest. Roll on the floor. Observe your breath. Hear the quiet messages of your bodymind. Let the outer world melt away for a while. Take a well-deserved break and just BE. It's so simple, and yet we *all* need the nudge, the reminder, the invitation to let ourselves recalibrate in order to rejuvenate.

Practices of Restoration are truly medicine for our modern lives.

Stress is part of life. There's both good and bad stress, as well as acute and cumulative stress. Managing our response to stress is of great importance in a world that isn't likely to get less stressful on its own. That's why we choose to create the balance ourselves ~ by practicing slowing down, recharging our batteries, and making time for deep rest. In a world of go-go-go and harder-faster-higher, practices of rest and Restoration can be an act of revolution. 

This Collection is curated around practices, education, and tools to help maintain balance in our bodymind and nervous system.  You'll learn micro-practices that help you in the heat of the moment, as well as enjoy full practices of unwinding and grounding into deep restoration of bodymind, heart and spirit.

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Restoration Collection

  • 2

    Movement as Medicine

    • Yoga & Movement Medicine for Stress

    • Restore on the Floor

    • Solstice Within

    • Soma Love

  • 3

    Prana Flow & Restore

    • Prana Flow & Restore: Unwind & Open 1

    • Prana Flow & Restore: Slow & Grounded 1

  • 4

    Relaxation & Meditation

    • Yoga Nidra

  • 5

    Ongoing Restoration

    • Gratitude

    • Reflection

Fill your cup first

Give yourself the gift of restoration of bodymind, heart & soul. Learn micro-practices for maintaining balance in the day-to-day. Restore & recharge, so you can serve life.

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