Finding Balance in a Rapidly Changing World

Yoga & Movement Medicine: Inner Resilience teaches evidence-based practices of the body, breath and brain to help you stay centered, clear and able to show up fully for your one, precious life. 

Inner Resilience is your capacity to bounce back stronger from challenges- small, large, within ourselves or in the world.

The accumulation of small (and large!) stressors eventually create overwhelm, depletion, burnout and suffering in your bodymind, heart and soul. You deserve tools that nourish your nervous system, cultivate inner balance and nurture mental health. 

Embodiment practices can do all that and more. There are many tools you can use ~ try them all! I'm here to guide you on the how, what and why embodiment practices are some of the best ways to resource yourself from the inside-out.

The term 'embodiment' means that we are doing more than just intellectualizing, trying to find solutions from only cognitive capacity. Embodiment calls on our wholeness of conscious awareness, sensation, breath and presence to more fully inhabit ourselves

With the right understanding of how different types of practice impact our soma -the living body as a whole system- we can effectively resource ourselves when we need it.

There are growing studies on the power of yoga, movement of various kinds, meditation, breath and interoception (inner sensing) to help unwind trauma, lower anxiety, speed physical healing, aid restful sleep, cultivate personal agency and act as support of other deep healing work. This is not a medical promise, but rather an educational & experiential journey that will broaden your perspective on supporting your own Inner Resilience ~ and pass it along to support others too.

In this course you will understand how to implement effective tools that:

  1. Manage & Transform Stress
  2. Restore, Replenish & Rest Well
  3. Regulate your Nervous System (+ in the heat of the moment)
  4. Navigate Uncertainty & Cultivate Adaptability 
  5. Focus Amidst Overwhelm 
  6. Keep Rising with Inspiration (Hope is a practice!)
  7. Feel great in your body, so you can show up fully for your unique life ~ for the long run

The tips and tools you’ll learn will support your ability to navigate the unknown for the rest of your life.

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Earth: Grounding

    • Grounding & Foundations

  • 3

    Water: Adapting

    • Adaptation & Going with the Flow

  • 4

    Fire: Activating

    • Activation - Rhythm - Ignite your Spark!

  • 5

    Air + Space: Integration

    • Breath & Integration

  • 6

    Looking Forward

    • Completion!

    • Reflection

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